Studio Montespecchio presents "KINETIC SERENDIPITY" / Paris

    06.04.2019 - 24.04.2019 Vernissage 06.04.2019

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    Jan van der Donk and Studio Montespecchio (It) presents KINETIC SERENDIPITY.

    The first exhibition attempts to trace the history of kinetic art through monographs, catalogues, announcements, and multiples. Kinetic art challenges not so much the intellectual / emotional qualities of the viewer - more the psycho / physiological qualities of perception. Human perception is not only challenged in front of kinetic artworks but also in the promotional pre- and by-products of these artworks. Many catalogues / monographs / ephemera related to kinetic art are mini-multiples, which makes them to a special genre in the history of book design.

    KINETIC SERENDIPITY is the first in a series of three exhibitions organized by Jan van der Donk / Studio Montespecchio in Eva Meyer's Parisian gallery.


    Studio Montespecchio
    via lucarini 600
    41055 montespecchio (mo) - italia

    With works by
    Yaacov Agam, Getulio Alviani, Marina Apollonio, Martha Boto, Robert Breer, Pol Bury, Gianni Colombo, Hugo Demarco, Marcel Duchamp, Cruz Diez, Lilian Florsheim, Karl Gerstner, Franco Grignani, Julio Le Parc, Heinz Mack, François Morellet, Otto Piene, Frank Popper, George Rickey, Nicolas Schöffer, Jesus Soto, Takis, Luis Tomasello, Tsai, Victor Vasarely, Gerhard Von Graevenitz, Ludwig Wilding.