Artissima 2017


02.11.2017 - 05.11.2017 Vernissage 02.11.2017

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Artissima 2017 - Booth PINK A 23

Oval Lingotto Fiere
Via Giacomo Mattè Trucco 70
10126 Torino

03.11 - 05.11.2017

The gallery is attending the Artissima 2017 in Torino from the 3rd november to the 5th november 2017 with works from Joséphine Kaeppelin.
Join us at Booth Pink A 23.

The work of Joséphine Kaeppelin is initially based on the balance between human beings and machines, her researches have embraced larger issues like technological, social, visual or working systems than only machines.
How do we perceive, understand and act within an environment = a system ?

By observing, listenning and collecting elements from the surroundings, she looks for tracks of freedom, will and consciouness in our way of living and working.
By putting forward uses and gestures, she focuses attention on human presence within a life dominated more and more by programs.
By using pre-made formats, standards and default settings, she experiments with the likelihood of re-appropriation by use.
Indeed, using software of machines in an opposite way or deverting a program from its purpose can be understood as an act of resistance, a way to create a space for free thought in a defined system.
Which strategies do we create to deal with external systems versus how are they acting on us?
She is particularly interested in this interdependence between systems, the relation and the reverse influences between facts in the society.

On Booth Pink A 23Josephine Kaeppelin will present a large panel of her last exhibition in BF15 in Lyon (Fr).
During fall 2016, she created a system to produce some fabrics with topical decorations (Etoffes à décor de circonstance).
The social and political uses of textiles motivated the artist to reclaim an ancient tradition in decorative arts and textile industry.
The production of these étoffes à décor de circonstance involves "fabrics intentionnalty decorated in a way that recalls an important event contemporaneous with their production, or a circumstance of lesser amplitude but notable all the same, or the glory or actions of a great character" [The term "Etoffes à décor de circonstance" and this definition are extracted from the journal 'La soierie' of Lyon from 1921.]