• Paréidolie

    Salon international du dessin contemporain


    Foire du 26 au 27 août

    Vernissage le 26 août à partir de 11h
    Château de Servières
    19 Boulevard Boisson
    13004 Marseille

    26.08 - 27.08.2017

    La galerie Eva Meyer rassemble, à l’occasion de Paréidolie, les oeuvres de trois artistes :
    Michel Aubry (Fr), Werner Büttner (De), Victoire Barbot (Fr).

    Trois générations confondues pour questioner la place du dessin au sein de la pratique artistique
    contemporaine. Au delà du dessin préparatoire, le dessin fait oeuvre et devient pour chacun un moyen
    d’expression particulier, qui accompagne un opus de peinture, de sculpture ou de forme. Plus que le
    complèter, le dessin est une partie de l’oeuvre voire un état de celle-ci.


    The Gallery Eva Meyer gathers, on the occasion of Paréidolie, the works of three
    artists : Michel Aubry (Fr), Werner Büttner (De), Victoire Barbot (Fr).

    Three generations confused to question the place of drawing in contemporary artistic practice.
    Beyond the preparatory drawing, the drawing becomes for each artist a particular means of
    expression, which accompanies an opus of paintings, sculptures or forms. More than
    completing, the drawing becomes a part of the work as a step or state of it.

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  • Symposium, 250 Jahre HFBK Hamburg

    Lerchenfeld, Hamburg, Allemagne


    250 Years of HFBK Hamburg
    HFBK Hamburg, Lerchenfeld 2, Aula

    11.07 - 16.07.2017

    Vendredi, 14 juillet 2017, 14.00–20.00 h

    Survival Rate 4% – the latest reports from the frontline of the Art Academy

    Symposium with Diedrich Diederichsen, Walter Grasskamp, Annette Tietenberg, Wolfgang Ullrich, Bettina Uppenkamp

    Idea + Concept: Werner Büttner

    Every year, approx. 5,000 young people decide to study art at one of the 24 German art universities or academies. According to a recent study by the Bundesverband Bildender Künstler (BBK), only one-tenth receive income from their artistic activities totaling 20,000 euros annually, with 83 percent remaining below this (by a wide margin). Thus, we can see that this phenomenon can hardly be explained by financial motivations and the prospect of career success.

    Good-for-nothings, light-worshippers, reality-refusers, aroma-seekers, ne’er-do-wells, heart-pourers, dream-dancers, pathos-raisers, mania-jugglers, nerve-breakers, trash-rakers, soul-nudists, bluffers, posers, pretenders, sensitive plants, misfits, bourgeois-scarers, taboo-shakers, coward-flagellators, liberation bugles, shifting-image makers, daze sweethearts, rose-threshers, public pissers, perversion profiteers, lens devils, credit pointers, aparters, total Samaritans, misunderstanders, legacy redeemers, sniffers-out of the sublime, people in need of colorfulness, goodness wringers, ill-testers, mood imitators, solvents sinners, plan-less, brainless and status-less, and failed apprentice windowdressers. They and many, many others seek admission into our »caravan in the desert of freedom.« In the spirit of the admonition of Zarathustra: »Capture freedom and be lord in your own desert.« What is it all about? Taking stock to mark this anniversary, we have asked experienced voices to try to clarify.

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  • Zeitgeist

    MAMCO, Genève


    Musée d’art moderne et contemporain, Genève
    10, rue des Vieux-Grenadiers
    CH-1205 Genève

    22.02 - 07.05.2017

    À partir du 22 février 2017, le MAMCO consacre une grande exposition à la question de la peinture figurative actuelle. Intitulée « Zeitgeist », elle réunit des artistes suisses et internationaux, des années 1960 à nos jours, autour de problématiques liées à la figure, l’expressivité et les sources hétérogènes de ces représentations. Des artistes tels que William Copley, Jean-Frédéric Schnyder et Dorothy Iannone, mais également John Miller, Christian Lindow et David Salle, ainsi que Jutta Koether, Nicole Eisenman, Laura Owens, Andreas Dobler et Vittorio Brodmann, se trouvent ainsi réunis au premier étage du musée. Cette exposition entend répondre à la prédominance actuelle de pratiques figuratives et expressives dans les ateliers des jeunes artistes, aussi bien en Suisse qu’à l’étranger, et aux tentatives récentes de musées européens et américains de classification de cette « nouvelle peinture ». Elle est organisée par Paul Bernard, Lionel Bovier et Fabrice Stroun.

    Avec : Vittorio Brodmann, Werner Büttner, Nina Childress, William N. Copley, Andreas Dobler, Nicole Eisenman, Jana Euler, Peter Fischli & David Weiss, Jason Fox, Mathis Gasser, Vidya Gastaldon, Rachel Harrison, Lothar Hempel, David Hominal, Dorothy Iannone, Hayan Kam Nakache, Karen Kilimnik, Jutta Koether, Friedrich Kuhn, Christian Lindow, Tala Madani, John Miller, Kaspar Müller, Laura Owens, Mai-Thu Perret, Walter Price, Walter Robinson, David Salle, Hans Schärer, Jean-Frédéric Schnyder, Michael Scott, Alain Séchas, Konstantin Sgouridis, Josh Smith, Frank Stella, Sarah Tritz, Rosemarie Trockel, Caroline Tschumi, Amélie von Wulffen, Peter Wächtler, Aldo Walker, Sue Williams, Seyoung Yoon
    Commissariat: Paul Bernard, Lionel Bovier, Fabrice Stroun

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    Légende :

    Mathis GASSER Blue-eyed, 2009
    © Photo Annik Wetter — MAMCO, Genève

  • The History Show

    Kunstverein Hamburg, Allemagne


    The History Show
    Du 28 janvier au 2 avril 2017
    Kunstverein Hamburg, Allemagne

    28.01 - 2.04.2017

    Artists: 3 Hamburger Frauen, Werner Büttner, Dani Gal, Beate Gütschow, Daniel Knorr, Burk Koller, Katrin Mayer, Christian Philipp Müller, Olaf Nicolai, Marjetica Potr? and her HFBK class Design for the Living World, Franz Erhard Walther


    The group exhibition The History Show marks the start of the 200-year jubilee of the Kunstverein in Hamburg and is based on the scientific review of its multifaceted history. The research and exhibition project was realized in cooperation with the Departmant of Art History at Unversität Hamburg headed by Prof. Dr. Uwe Fleckner. The focus of the investigation was on the history of its foundation and the exhibitions it held from 1817 until today. Based on this research, thematic focuses were identified that have characterized the work of the Kunstverein over the past two hundred years. Categories of communicating art and moments that shaped the Kunstverein’s history were ascertained in a historical review and simultaneously examined in regard to what they can offer for future activities. Each of the thematic focuses were taken up by artists who are in many cases closely associated with Hamburg and whose works stand for a reflective discourse on historical phenomena. They were invited to respond to the researched material, to add existing works or also produce new ones, with the aim of critically dealing with its history, commenting on it, questioning it, and even turning it upside down.   

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  • Poor souls

    Marlborough Chelsea, Chelsea NY


    Pour Souls
    Marlborough Chelsea
    545 West 25th Street
    New York

    27.10 - 03.12.16


    Marlborough Chelsea is pleased to present  Poor Souls by legendary German artist Werner Büttner. Poor Souls marks his first New York exhibition since 1986,
    including new collage and painting that showcase a wide-range of intelligence and cunningly dark but empathic humor.

    Painted with a breezy confidence that complicates their gravity, these canvases tackle weighty issues of history, philosophy, mythology, grief and mourning.
    This is to say that there is real empathy beneath the surface, and that the paintings are packed with humanity. With the courage and wherewithal to incorporate
    a diversity of subjects, from Winston Churchill to a bewigged dachshund, Büttner scrambles hierarchies provoking a pleasant disequilibrium. A moody palette
    dominates generally, and surprising bands of drizzled black or white pigment often disrupt the naturalistic depicted space with flung drips of gestural
    abstraction—telltale ejaculatory “signatures” to further destabilize the surface reading.

    Leading with language, the paintings’ unforgettable titles and the frequent presence of text/image combinations, perpetuate a casually pedagogic atmosphere
    befitting a long-time art professor. If the lessons are obliquely proffered and veer toward the gnomic, they are all the more powerful for it. The learned poetics
    are well-earned from decades in the “desert of freedom”—the unforgiving artistic terrain explored in the early 1980s by Büttner (and his Junge Wildecomrades
    such as Martin Kippenberger) bthrough abandoning the compass of conventional taste and technique. In the current anything-goes climate of contemporary art
    production, it can be difficult to comprehend the break from tradition that this stylistic rejection ushered in, but we are living with its effects.

    Büttner’s paintings bear the great responsibility that this freedom confers. His commitment to it is uninterrupted by a fixed style or consistent position, though
    the paintings are recognizably his. Their consistency is borne of an irreverence in tone, ethical point of view and a meticulously disguised complexity. In uncertain
    times, we need a sage to plumb the depths of our collective psyche connecting us to an intellectual and personal history that help make sense of an irrational present.
    Werner Büttner is just the person for the job.

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    Légende :
    Werner Büttner, Vue d'exposition, Marlborough Chelsea

  • Werner Büttner - Elective Affinities


    Elective Affinities
    German Art Since the Late 1960s
    Latvian National Museum of Art

    10K. Valdemara Street, Riga
    LV-1010 Latvia

    Curator : Mark Gisbourne

    The exhibition includes paintings, drawings, sculpture, photography and exemples of video art,
    with a few singular examples of Conceptual Art.
    The greater aspect of the exhibition focuses on visual and peceptual contets rather than therorization. As the covered time period began with both West and East Germany, it is necessary to show some examples from the DDR.
    However, while using singular examples, and particularly works from artists such as Richter, Poke and Baselitz, who existed in the East prior to the Berlin wall, the status of the former East Germany is thus largely represented by artists from the post-unification period.

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  • Werner Büttner - Manifesta 11

    The Historical Exhibition : Sites Under Construction


    Manifesta 11 - Zürich
    The Historical Exhibition
    Portraits de professions

    Limmatstrasse 270
    8005 Zürich

    11.06 - 18.09.2016

    Yto Barrada, Tjorg Douglas Beer, Werner Büttner, Olga Chernysheva, Anne Collier, Charles Gute, Chris Hadfield, Rahcel Harrison, Graham Little, Gianni Motti, Paulina Olowska, August Sander, Momoyo Torimitsu

    Commissaire : Christian Jankowski

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  • Collection en mouvement, Promenades urbaines, Panazol


    Collection en mouvement,
    Promenades urbaines, Panazol
    Frac Limousin

    Du 9 mai au 4 juin 2016

    Vernissage et visite commentée mardi 10 mai à 18h

    L’exposition « Promenades urbaines » présente un ensemble d’oeuvres variées - peintures, sculptures, photographies et vidéos - d’artistes de trois générations différentes autour du thème de la déambulation dans et autour de la ville.

    Les points de vue adoptés et leurs mises en forme variées et très affirmées fabriquent, à l’intérieur de l’espace d’exposition, des itinéraires subjectifs. On y verra des rues, des détails de vitrines, des affiches lacérées, des devantures de magasins, une bouche de métro, des graffitis, des tags, des immeubles d’habitation, une zone commerciale, etc. Du centre à la périphérie. Ouvrons l’oeil !


    A l’arrière-plan, un tableau de Werner Büttner (né en 1954) montre un sousbassement d’immeuble d’un quartier périphérique d’Iena, là où est né l’artiste. Grâce à un habile travail préparatoire de collage, l’artiste incruste deux images de crânes à casquettes et relie l’ensemble par une réplique de tag très coloré. Cette scène suburbaine désolée rappelle, par sa composition, certains tableaux de vanités du XVIIème siècle.

    Médiathèque de Panazol
    1 Place Achille Zavatta
    87250 Panazol


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  • Artmonte-carlo


    Foire d'Artmonte-carlo

    Du 30 avril au 1er mai 2016


    La galerie est présente du 30 avril au 1 er mai 2016 pour la première édition de la foire d'Artmonte-carlo au stand D2.

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    The gallery is attending the 1st edition of the Artemonte-Carlo fair from the 30th of April to the 1st of May 2016.

  • Werner Büttner - Nieuwe Wilden

    Duits Neo-Expressionisme uit de jaren '80


    Nieuwe Wilden :Duits Neo-Expressionisme uit de jaren '80
    Groniger Museum
    Groningen, NL

    30.04.2016 - 23.10.2016

    Artists : Hans Peter Adamski, Peter Angermann, Elvira Bach, Ina Barfuss, Peter Bömmels, Werner Büttner, Luciano Castelli, Walter Dahn, Jiri Georg Dokoupil, Rainer Fetting, G.L. Gabriel, Georg Herold, Gerard Kever, Martin Kippenberger, Jan Knap, Milan Kunc, Helmut Middendorf, Christa Näher, Gerard Naschberger, Albert Oehlen, Markus, Oehlen, Salomé, Andreas Shulze, Bettina Semmer, Volker Tannert, Thomas Wachweger and Bernd Zimmer.

    New Wild Painters will present an extensive overview of the figurative painting that blossomed at the beginning of the 80s in what was at the time still West Germany. Sure to spark conversation, the exhibition focuses on the Neue Wilde groups of artists that were active in Cologne, Berlin, Düsseldorf and Hamburg. This art was part of a broad, international trend whereby in many countries, young 'wild' painters rebelled against the climate of the art world at the time. The paintings are often rough and aggressive and sometimes downright absurd, but almost always humorous and thought-provoking.

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  • Drawing Now 2016


    Drawing Now

    Du 30 mars au 3 avril 2016

    La galerie est présente du 30 mars au 3 avril 2016 sur le stand C7 du salon du dessin contemporain Drawing Now.
    Présentation Focus sur la série "Désastres de la démocratie" de Werner Büttner.

    De 11h à 20h au Carreau du temple 4 rue Eugène Spuller 75003, Paris

    The gallery will be attending the contemporary drawing salon, Drawing Now, taking place from the 30rd of march to the 3rd of April 2016.

  • Book Launch "Coincidence in Splendour" and "My Looting Eye"


    Book Launch "Coincidence in Splendour" and "My Looting Eye"
    Marlborough Contemporary

    6 Albemarle Street

    28 Janvier 2016 de 18h à 20h

    Marlborough Contemporary and Black Dog Publishing are pleasing to invite you to an evening with Werner Büttner in conversation with Harald Falkenberg, Daniel Richter and Andrew Renton.
    This event celebrates the publication of "Coincidence in Splendour" and "My looting Eye", two new books published on the work of Werner Büttner by Black Dog Publishing in partenrship with Marlborough Contemporary.

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  • The Funnies


    The Funnies

    20 novembre 2015 au 30 janvier 2016

    Taking its title from the comics section of twentieth century American newspapers, The Funnies draws upon the visual language and humour of the cartoon. From Philip Guston and Oliver Osborne to George Condo and Anne Speier, the exhibition brings together eighteen artists whose work celebrates humour and shares an incontestable taste for exaggeration, derision and slapstick.

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  • "Duh? Art & Stupidity"


    "Duh? Art & Stupidity"

    Focal Point Gallery, Royaume Uni

    Du 11 novembre au 26 mars 2016


    Artists: Tariq Alvi, BANK, Michael Bracewell, Archie & Edith Bunker, Werner Büttner & Albert Oehlen, Bonnie Camplin, Marc Camille Chaimowicz, Cecelia Condit, The Cockettes, Claude Faraldo, Gaylen Gerber, Ryan Gander, Isa Genzken, Judith Hopf, Larry Johnson, Erik van Lieshout, Kalup Linzy, Clunie Reid, Kim Schoen, Lily van der Stokker, Sturtevant, Annika Stro?m, Mario Garcia Torres, Rosemarie Trockel, Tomi Ungerer, Andy Warhol


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  • The Marking of the Abyss


    Werner Büttner
    The Marking of the Abyss
    4 Mars – 18 Avrill 2015
    Vernissage le 3 mars 2015 18h - 20h

    Marlborough Contemporary
    6 Albemarle Street

  • Art Genève 28.01 - 01.02.15

    Solo show Séverine Hubard


    Avec Michel Aubry, Werner Büttner, Séverine Hubard, Matt Lipps, Tony Oursler, Man Ray, Claude Rutault.

    Stand D 22 et D 26, Palexpo, CH-Geneve.
    Vernissage mercredi 28 janvier sur invitation uniquement.